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Your support of our local Jewish community in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys connects us to an incredible network of important work that supports Jewish communities around the world.

The liberation fight for Soviet Jews was a miracle. Most of us didn’t know.

Passover is the perfect time to remember the “modern-day exodus” of Soviet Jews, a movement in which Federation and its partners were instrumental. Read more.

Republicans & Dems hold positive views of Israelis but differ on gov't

More than half of Republicans and Democrats support the people of Israel, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center. Read more.

University of Maryland student government rejects BDS resolution

A BDS resolution at the University of Maryland is defeated by a majority vote. Read more.

Washington governor signs Holocaust education bill

Citing hate crimes and increasing anti-Semitism, Washington state passes legislation encouraging schools to include Holocaust education in the curriculum. Read more.

Care about Gaza? Blame Hamas. (op-ed)

Hamas is to blame for the hardships faced by Palestinians, writes a top U.S. official in a new op-ed. Read more.