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  • Jason Moss

    Executive Director of the Jewish Federation

A Unique Opportunity

Something new for the High Holidays

I remember at the start of every school year how excited I was to go school supply shopping and pick up that year’s necessary items that would set me on the path to an incredible year of learning. Trapper Keeper… check. Ticonderoga number 2 pencils……

History has its eye on us

Telling the complete story of America

“History has its eye on you.” You may have heard this if you watched Hamilton this past weekend on Disney+. What I find striking about this verse is how appropriate it is for what is transpiring today. Many people are watching to see what is going t…

The Music of our lives

How songs take on deper meaning during turbulent times.

Music has a way of providing context and meaning to what is going on around us. For whatever reason, songwriters always seem to put together the right words in their lyrics that can evoke thoughts or a picture. When we are hear a song …

Roll with the Punches

Turn this Pandemic Into a New Adventure

It is hard to believe that summer is almost already here.  For some, the feeling of summer normally begins with Memorial Day.


Ahhh…Memorial day… while not the scientific beginning of summer, but rather what people feel like is the start of s…

Coming Together

Finding Joy and hope in the time of COVID-19

When our world was turned upside down back in March, my staff and I started discussing what we could do to help our community. Having lived through many crises in Israel, Kim Banaji shared with me one of her most memorable images. It seems that d…